About Speedway Motorcycles

The UK's biggest Pulse and Lexmoto dealer in the Midlands

We have been running since 2001 dealing in smaller market machines and have carefully worked together with the big brands to develop a range that suits everyone's needs without breaking the bank. Our new showroom has been completed as of 1st of June 2013 with over 200 vehicles on display, full clothing and accessory area and new workshop to accommodate the new range of Genesis vehicles that we are developing in house.

Quality and service is our biggest aim with new developments and improvements made every day. To date we have expanded our parts department to hold another 10,000 spares and with the introduction of the new mezzanine floor this will be almost doubled. We have now also increased our vehicle hold, making almost 300 vehicles capable of being stored in our warehouse to make sure your favourite is never out of reach.

Our Brands consist of AJS, Sinnis, Lexmoto, UM Global, Kiden, Genata, Zontes, Motorini, Keeway, SYM, Hanway, Hyosung, Benelli, KSR Moto, Brixton, Nitro Akito

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Small Beginnings

Small Beginnings


Used Car Values was started by Husband and Wife team Garry and Schaela Plested originally as a small used car dealership based in Cannock Staffordshire.

The Original building was previously used by Ford, Skoda, Petrol station and even further back a sewing Factory over 70 years ago.

The site was currently owned by Dave and Jim a Family business since 1950 which was handed down to them by their parents who run a mechanics shop to the rear of the property.

At the start of 2001 Garry, Decided to leave his 10 year career at Peugeot based in Birmingham as Site Manager overseeing new and used vehicles on 50k a year job to pursue his own business venture.

It was this date that a deal was struck to rent the property for £1000 PCM including expenses. The site had been stood for many years empty and required £10,000 spending on renovating and advertising before the doors even opened.

Starting out with £40,000 the site was filled with small to mid range family cars from £500-£6000 servicing the Staffordshire area and becoming one of the most well know dealerships in the area.

Business expansion

Business expansion


In 2005 Garry expanded into higher priced vehicles up to 10k but with limited showroom and forecourt space he could no longer support the cheaper vehicles under £2000.

This required an expansion to the rear compound of Used car values which Jim and Dave offered, Rent was an additional £500 a month offering over 40 more used car spaces allowing the budget cars of £2000 or less to still be traded.

The expansion was costly and required a new business partner to help cover and manage the increased footfall to the premises. It was at this time Mark Harston joined the team Creating “The Trade Centre” a Used car store for under £2000.

Part of the Team

Part of the Team


The Boost in sales from the now 70 vehicle strong site required more staff to run and maintain daily life and the dealership. It was here that (Matt Plested) Son of Garry Plested joined the team as full time Mechanic and car valet.

As Schaela was running and taking care of Used Car Values daily jobs and customer care, Matt started working for Mark on all Trade cars involving cleaning, repairing and eventually part time sales on Saturdays at the age of just 16.

Foot in the door

Foot in the door


In 2007 The UK Car market had started to slow down and after only 1 year Mark Harston resigned as Partner to The Trade Centre.

Taking all the funds Matt had saved since 15 years old selling Mini motos and working as a Car Valet and mechanic at The Trade Centre, Garry Allowed him to buy what remained of the Company 50% share and start to rebuild the business from scratch with only £16,000 and 4 used cars.

Within 6 months the company became profitable and was worth £24,000 by getting to learn and grow from the past 12 months the business became better than ever.

Matt progressed to full time Sales and employed part time Valet to keep on top of the increased vehicle turnover.

A New Adventure

A New Adventure


With the continuing decrease in used car sales affecting the UK. A opportunity presented itself to supply a small range of scooters from a company called LLexeter LTD later know as Lexmoto,UM and Kiden motorcycles.

We started out with just 4 scooters and a Takachi Helmet on the 27-02-2008. Two Yiben Scouts a Pulse Rhythm and the very stylish Znen Flash 50cc

Costing £1,533.40 A sum which Garry was not pleased about spending on vehicles with 50% less wheels than normal. But less than one month later further 2 orders of 8 vehicles was made, And quickly we realised........We needed more space.

Showroom For The Job

Showroom For The Job


Within two years the showroom was converted into a motorcycle display area to hold all 30 vehicles and small clothing range we had on offer.

Car sales declined even further, Stock levels were hugely affected due to lack of second hand vehicles and increased auction prices, This dropped our stock to only 30units from 70 once occupying the site.

The increase in Motorcycle sales added to the scooter stock balancing out the lost revenue from used car sales. This slowly become a trend that increased month on month.

The Merger

The Merger


By 2009 the UK was in Full Recession, It was a period of general economic decline observed in world markets during the late 2000s and early 2010s. The scale and timing of the recession varied from country to country.

The UK car market and housing saw the biggest effect early on. Used vehicle stock at auctions was almost none existent and the knock on affect saw hundreds of business close and disappear.

Because of this Used Car Values Run by Garry and Schaela could no longer sustain the operating costs with less than 25 vehicles on sale compared to the 70 once held.

It was at this time Used Car Values was Dissolved and The Trade Centre become a Joint effort to hold out and Grow the motorcycle brand more than ever to make the business great again.

AJS Dealership

AJS Dealership


Expanding from our 1st venture with now called Lexmoto. We contacted AJS Motorcycles a old British motorcycle brand now adapted to 125cc learner legal machines made in china.

the custom range of vehicles was a niche market for 125cc vehicles and proved a instant hit with the general customer based within the area.

We have been with AJS Motorcycles since and grown a good relationship with them.

The Big Step

The Big Step


After three harsh years and plenty of perseverance, The UK recession was over but still felt in many Businesses.

Housing and commercial property saw almost 40% drop in value in some cases. New and used car markets were still to recover and growth was slow for everyone.

This year also claimed the life of Jim & his wife, Business partner of Dave who Garry rented the site from since the early 2000s.

Due to a family inheritance the sale of the site was forced by Jim’s children but due to the economic uncertainty no property developer or business would commit to over £250k investment.

Only a few months later after The Trade centre was trying to relocate with no success, Dave approached asking if we would like to purchase the property instead of renting for a reduced amount of 200k.

We accepted and contacted our Bank to arrange all legal paperwork and mortgage, But this was turned down as the property was valued £70k less than asking price.

The Recession had hit banks hard and no one would lend full value on a building with the uncertainty of times still to come.

With a Offer of £130k for a property no less than 5 years ago valued at 250k Dave rejected the offer and The Trade centre had to again find alternate work Premises to operate from.

Within 1 week Dave and his brothers Family Agreed to the sum of £130k and Dave retired after 50 years of working at the site which his family had owned for over 70 years.

We are still to this day thankful for allowing us to have that opportunity and still operate the property as a small family run business just as it once was.

Birth of Speedway Motorcycles

Birth of Speedway Motorcycles


With used car sales no longer a cost effective option and motorcycles sales now 95% of the company’s source of income. The next step was to create a purpose site built with only Motorcycles in mind.

The Front forecourt was taken up with an expanded showroom, full refurbished interior and exterior to match.

The new business design was complete and the extra storage space gained by the purchase of the Property aided in the expansion and display of our stock to almost 250 vehicles at any one time.

Sales had increased from 100 units a year to over 500 within three years and the additional Brands now taken on helped propel Speedway Motorcycles to become one of the top 10 learner dealerships in the country.

Sinnis Dealership

Sinnis Dealership


Purchasing the property meant we had room to expand. And that we did with Sinnis motorycles and 12 new models added to the range we could now maximise our advertising and match the levels in our showroom to give our customers as choice as possible.

Sinnis has become recognised as a major player in the Motorcycle industry and Speedway Motorcycles took note early on. The brand started similar to ourselves back in 2008 and quickly grew to become a brand name.

The design and styles coming out of Sinnis at the time were extremely popular and together with Speedway Motorcycles we developed our own 360 photo studio which later helped Sinnis and ajs motorcycles develop their online presence.

This experience was put to use on our own projects which would soon become Genata UK.

A New Image

A New Image


Previously reliant on Brands like “Autotrader” to provide our websites, we understood to stand out and become bigger we needed our own niche in the market. Something that no other dealers had done before.

The Build of our 1st website was created in partnership with future brother in law Jason Busby (at the time only 15 years old). Together with Matt they created a website to offer every model available with clear pricing, 360 vehicle viewers, Easy finance and delivery navigation which would push the brand forward.

Within two year speedway become No1 Dealership in the UK for three different brands.

Genata UK

Genata UK


After almost 6 years, selling brand new motorcycles and scooters from Lexmoto, AJS and Sinnis Brands. Matt Realised a gap in the market for a high quality sportsbike brand with budget in mind for Learners.

Genata UK was born with its 1st model the XrZ 125cc a small capacity vehicle with Modern styling but a price tag everyone could afford.

The model became a huge success, selling over 100 units in its release. The increase in demand grew and with dealers now taking interest two more models were released and become hits of their own.

Parts Everywere

Parts Everywere


With the Explosion of new models and developing our own in house brand space started to become a luxury. The Purchase of a used Mezzanine floor was constructed creating enough room to hold over 10,000 spare parts on site.

This soon became a Job within itself and two new staff members were hired to spread the workload from new sales and service. This allowed time for the new stock system to be improved and finish creating the Genata Motorcycle brand.

Gone Expo

Gone Expo


Beginning of a year in motorcycle trade means only one thing. Motorcycle Trade EXPO at Stoneleigh Park.

This year Ryan Plested joined as Partner to Speedway Motorcycles. He came on board to push the brand further and show his passion for the Genata UK Brand after finishing his University Degree.

The show bought in many orders and grew the dealer base from 5 to over 20 within the 1st year alone. Many new relationships were made during this time.

Growing our own brand was challenging and stressful for everyone, with many hurdles and added work load from dealer customer support, after sales to customers from our own dealership and beyond.

Delivering Success

Delivering Success


Expanding our reach even further we invested in a purpose built delivery vehicle and staff member Loz Nelson.

We listened to customers and provided free delivery within 60 miles of our dealership as well as a free collection service if anything went wrong with their new purchase.

We were met with massive praise from this service and the work provided by Loz was well received by us and customers.

SM Official Born

SM Official Born


Developing Speedway Motorcycles into a brand name takes time. With the introduction of SM Official early 2016 we created a range of Merchandise from T-shirts, Accessories and Luggage donning the SM logo.

Proving a big hit with promotions and competitions this logo has now stuck with us and can be found almost everywhere we advertise from Facebook to Ebay.

KSR Dealership

KSR Dealership


With Customer tastes changing every year the demand for something new was required. We visited KSR at Motorcycle Trade EXPO where the release of new models is always shown off.

The brand soon expanded and now we have Brixton Motorcycles a Range of classic motorcycles with a modern twist to suit all age ranges.

Having the choice allowed customers to choose the right vehicle for them all under one roof with the same quality no matter the brand name.


Stack Em Tall

Stack Em Tall


With Euro 4 vehicle prices almost £400 on average more expensive speedway motorcycles stocked up. And stock up we did with over 450 units on site enough to hopefully last one year sales.

The demand later outgrew and stock was wiped out within 6 months of which was expected to last almost 12 months.

The Rear expansion to the premises helped maintain stock levels throughout this euro 4 conversion. Something without we could never of kept up with customer demand for new models. 

Record sales 2017

Record sales 2017


Speedway motorcycles breaks personal best record hitting 886 new units sold within one year. Becoming the UK's Biggest Learner legal centre for 125cc < machines to date. 

By taking on two extra brands KSR Moto and Brixton Plus to change to Euro 4 vehicles meant demand was high for cheaper forms of transport over its Japanese rivals.

Moto GB Dealership

Moto GB Dealership


Beginning of 2018 started with becoming official Dealership for over 5 new Brands. Keeway, Benelli, SYM, Hyosung. Hanway and Royal Alloy

By taking on this higher quality brand we now covered everything from budget machines of £1000 to more uniquie £4000 machines opening our customer base even further and allowing us to focus on expanding to more dealerships in the Future.

Showroom Revamp

Showroom Revamp


5 years has already past since our speedway official takeoff. The time had come to revamp the building and website once again. To offer even better all round service and user friendly experience online. The integration of our CRM system to online customer accounts makes checking up on services, purchases and issues a breeze with the new online mobile website. 

Going Digital

Going Digital


Out with the old and in with the digital. Once our exterior refit was carried out it was only time to upgrade our point of sale material and give the showroom a full immersive TV Display to show off all products and services we offer.

BLITZ Kids Bikes

BLITZ Kids Bikes


The introduction to our fully electric Kids balance bike brand started the year before with a demand for quality and robust kid’s products great for Christmas and birthday presents alike. With three models in the range and full UK parts backup the 2019k range looks to be a big hit.

IXON Supplier

IXON Supplier


Racing and safety come hand in hand. The IXON Air jacket was something on our radar for quite a while. The introduction of IXON for the showroom offered a premium product for road and race. Everything from boots, jackets, trousers, gloves and race suits.

To The Future

To The Future


Matt being the driving force that he is continues daily to innovate, promote and drive the business forward. Being one of the biggest and best dealers is his only aim.

His efforts and foresight are what makes this business!. (Garry Plested partner)

          "As a business model for selling lightweights, you would have to go a long way to see it being done better" ( British Dealer News) November 2017

Now, with the assistance of his brother / partner Ryan the future is looking bright. I would anticipate that Speedway Motorcycles will continue to grow and lead the way forward for a long time to come.

Be part of our future together .....................

The Team

Take a moment and get to know the people behind Speedway Motorcycles and how we work for you. We are a small team of 8 but that has not stopped us becoming the UK's biggest learner legal centre in the UK to date.

Laura Plested
Part Time Receptionist
Tom Stevens
Loz Nelson
Delivery Driver
Schaela Plested
Sales Manager
Garry Plested
Company Partner
Ryan Plested
Company Partner
Matt Plested
Company Partner
What our Customers Say

Don’t take our word for it, read some of our well recieved customer feedback.

The best dealership i have ever been to! Staff are friendly and helpful. Bringing in my bike for a service takes no time at all. I would reccomend any new rider to come to speed way and have a sit on the bikes dont belive any of this crap about chinese bikes, all the bikes at speedway are high quality and thier warranty is peice of mind. I have been loveing my zsb took it on a 80 mile trip across all types of roads, with no issues at all.

Thomas Gehler, from Staffordshire

Went here to look at bikes and have a sit on a few because I'm 6ft3 and wanted to see what bike would be best. The guys couldn't be more helpful, pulled all the bikes out so I could have a sit on them, told me all the ins and outs. I was torn between 2 bikes, one being considerably more expensive than the other and the guys there urged me to buy the cheaper one simply because it would have been more suitable for me. Had its first service with them which was quick but also very thorough and have called them on numerous occasions to ask information about the bike when I've been modifying it and they know the bike inside out.

Daniel Fogg, from Shifnal

Went today to have a look and they couldn't have helped me any more they were fantastic and let me sit on the bikes to get the right size bike as I'm 6" 2' the xtrs was too small but the awesome xrz was perfect so will be ordering very soon. Thankyou

Derek A Gorton, from Barnsley

i came in looking for some information on a first time bike and Harry (which i believe is their new apprentice, not that you would know) took his time telling me about each bike and asked me questions about what style of riding i would be doing to match it to the correct bike. didn't end up buying one as was just after information but when i come round to getting one will definitely be from here!

Dan Scott, from Cannock, Staffs

Gaz and the lads at Speedway are brilliant! Do what you want, when you want it done, and at the right price.

Bought my Sinnis Matrix II from Speedway, and love it to bits! It's in for the first 1000km service now and will be done within a couple of hours. Cheers Fellas!

Steve Wall, from Walsall

Best experience ever. talked my through every option to fix my vehicle as costs were very cheap. sorted in less than 2 days ready for winter commute agan. I use my bike everyday so its my life line that i need to use day in and out. cannot wait to upgrade and will definitaly be coming to speedway in the future

Andy Donfor, from Stafford, Staffs

very helpful and informative. never rushed at all and was given plenty of time to decide on the right bike. been three months now and i love my daytona cannot believe it was the last one.

Ryan Cooper, from Birmingham

Fantastic customer service . Daughter is very happy now she as the freedom . The delivery driver is excellent took time to go over the paper work and told her all about the bike . I will recommend to anyone . Thank you

Cara Musselwhite, from Telford

Fantastic aftercare from speedway, scooter picked up by them at 12.30, got a phone call at 3 to say it was all fixed and will be dropped back tomorrow morning before 10!!! 100% from me!!

Eve Pritchard, from Cradley, West Midlands

best thing about speedway motorcycle is they help you know more about the bike by talking about it and giving the customers or viewers insight visuals. great mechanic videos for riders for their safety. over all (awesome)

Mow Osy, from Brrmingham

Fantastic through out the process very helpful and even thrown in a free exhaust, very polite staff answered all my questions and nagging lol, would definitely use again and recommend 100%

Russ Ratcliffe, from Crewe

These guy's are the kindest and most helpful people you will find, very nice shop and well equipped top class

Jezz Johnson, from Wolverhampton

First dealership I've purchased anything from handle it great and no fussing around bike was ready to pick up before I got there was superb :-)

Ryan Nicholas, from Tamworth, Staffs

Great service again. Diagnosed the problem as a broken wire and a faulty ignition barrel. Only £60 including parts and labour. Very pleased. Always a quick and friendly service here.

Davey Lee, from Corby

visited them 2 weeks ago to have a service, done in record time and sorted out some extra bits for me FREE OF CHARGE. could not beleive how friendly these guys are. not visited better

Eli Haddon, from Birmingham

Excellent - service done in good time with no problem

Janet Law, from Wolverhampton

UM Global